Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY...alphabet sounds teaching tubs

I saw these tubs at Lakeshore learning and thought it was a great idea for learning with the kids, but was not going to pay $149. for them.

So I made them myself.  There are 10 containers for $9.95 at Lakeshore and then I had a coupon buy one get one half so I made the alphabet set for less than $30.

Thanks to kadenscorner.com for the free printable. Then I placed them on the front of the containers. Got things around the house and filled the containers.

After I printed the letters off I used packing tape to stick them to the containers. Each container has house hold items in them along with a magnet letter.

We would watch the Leap Frog letter movie and pull out these containers and play a game. My son loved this.

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