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Recycling Crafts | Recycled bottles into lanterns

Recycled bottles into lanterns

Recycling Crafts | Recycled bottles into lanterns | lanterns | recycling bottle | recycled bottel
Recycled bottles into lanterns
Recycled products is still a lucrative business. In addition to not need a big capital, the business only needs high creativity.

Bob Novandy including those keen to see this opportunity. Craftsmen lampions recycled beverage bottles used in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta is already running a recycling business since 2003.

Former sespri one member of the House was inspired to develop recycled products when a lot of plastic bottles thrown away in many places without use. With the ability now he has been producing about 150 kinds of recycled bottles at a price per piece ranging from Rp 50,000 to Rp 500,000 or $ 5 to $ 50.

Some products such as lampions with a variety of sizes, the curtains of the house, miniature cars he own production of the highly skilled hands. He admitted, this time all production lampions recycling produced if there are orders only. Production has penetrated at least lampionsnya Hong Kong market.

"Markets that I seek as cafes, housing, boarding locations and others," Bob said when met detikFinance, Thursday (18/03/2010).

Currently all orders are generally still he get it from mouth to mouth, all products are not selling through specialty outlets. For those subscribers who are interested generally went straight to his house in Kebon Jeruk.

Bob said in a month he was able to produce lampions up to 300 units with a turnover of $ 20,000, this happens if Bob was full of orders received from the buyer.

"The business is fortunately big, but ngggak routine orders for example Coca Cola one of my customers, who purchase to be shipped to Hong Kong," he said.

Graduates of this IISIP Jakarta in 1980, admitted to menghasilan high value products, he only needs the raw materials of the shanties in the palm scavengers. Prices of raw materials used plastic bottles on average $ 1 per kg or about 10 bottles, which can be processed into a product lampions.

Bob who claimed his name from the abbreviation of the word Bantu Multitude (BOB), does not require huge capital to run this business. Only with materials such as cutter knives, scissors and paint, he was able to run this business.

"Unfortunately, people's appreciation of recyclables still underestimated, they still see material, not on process," he said.

The ability to process waste this time he also sent down to elementary school children, Bob had taught at several elementary schools in West Jakarta wilalayah. Men who like tinkering with these words have their own view of the meaning of words associated Lampions is derived from the word stands for Alternative Steps to Overcome Unemployment Optimistic Intention Ikhlas Welfare (LAMPIONS).

Recycling Crafts

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