Monday, November 7, 2011

Recycling Crafts | How to make recycling paper

Now we will learn how to make recycling paper, In addition to be a sheet of paper, pulp paper with less water content can be made application to be decorated.
Follow this step:

  1. Shredded waste paper (try to avoid white and colored paper and newsprint existing wax coating)
  2. Soak the paper
  3. Puree (can use a blender)
  4. Mix the pulp with a dye (I use food coloring but better use of textile dyes)
  5. Strain and squeeze
  6. Make a small round object and flatten with fingers (flops with the index finger and thumb) until form a sheath
  7. Dry above the sun until dry
  8. Neat ends of the petals
  9. Rope-like flowers on the frame, box or greeting cards
Recycling Crafts | recycling paper | Recycling Crafts
recycling paper

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