Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Factory LPs and EPs 1981-1989: Artwork


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Several people have asked if we'll be giving the Recycle treatment to the the studio LPs released between 1981-1989. We've decided against it for the time-being, because the albums are all in print (or in the case of 1981-1982 and Substance can be recreated with the work previously posted here), and once Warners/London/Rhino got the 2-disc remasters sorted out the sound is actually not that bad.

We would be sourcing from the Factory CDs manufactured between 1986-1992, so if you have those already, consider them the Recycle masters. The one exception is
Low-Life, which had some questionable pre-emphasis added at the mastering stage. At some point we may decide to transcribe the Low-Life vinyl, but that's not on the horizon.

I've carefully scanned the sleeves of the LPs/EPs released between '81 and '89, and bundled them together so you can tag the albums in your own digital library. The one new addition is a variation on the
Substance sleeve, seen above. I put together my own 2-disc version which encapsulates the Factory singles nicely.

01. Ceremony (second version)
02. Procession
03. Everything's Gone Green (12" version)
04. Temptation (12" version)
05. Blue Monday
06. Confusion
07. Thieves Like Us
08. Murder
09. The Perfect Kiss (12" version)
10. Sub-Culture (12" remix)
11. Shellshock (12" remix)
12. State Of The Nation (12"version)
13. Bizarre Love Triangle (12" remix)
14. True Faith (12" version)
15. Touched By The Hand Of God (7" version)
16. Blue Monday 1988 (12" version)
17. Fine Time (12" version)
18. Round & Round (12" version)
19. Run 2 (7" version)
20. World In Motion (7" version)

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