Sunday, May 15, 2011

Artwork from here on out...


Those of you who download the RSD 12" immediately below this entry may be surprised to find it doesn't include any DIY artwork (i.e. jewel case insert, slipcase, CD label). From this point forward the only artwork that will be included is the front of the sleeve - and possibly the back if it's something of interest.

Entries here and over at Extra Track are always delayed by me, because the artwork takes a lot of time. I wanted to take that degree of care when restoring the original Factory singles, because Saville was an integral part of the whole presentation, but it was such a time-consuming process that two years later I still haven't even assembled my own slipcases. It's really just a tremendous headache with very little payoff, so I'm not doing it anymore (once the current run of Smiths singles is finished).

The purpose of Recycle was to create a box set for the original Factory singles, and we've done that. Anything else is just a bonus. :)

In this day and age, 90% or more of you will be listening to these song via your computer, or iPod/iPad, or whatever portable device you use, so you really don't need any more than the cover image for your digital library anyway. I'll continue to provide high-resolution scans taken from the sleeves, and having just tackled the LP/EP sleeves from '81-'89, I'll also be posting the sleeves from Joy Division's four proper albums released on Factory between '79 and '88.

As always, you can follow the artwork progress here.

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