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JD Recycle 8: Atmosphere (1988)


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Atmosphere (1988)
Factory Records Fac 213
June 1988


01 Atmosphere (Live)
02 Digital (Live)
03 Transmission (Live)
04 Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live)
05 She's Lost Control (Live)
06 Transmission (Live)

1-5 Recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 11 January 1980. Recorded by Omroepvereniging VARA for broadcast on Dutch public radio.
6 Recorded live at The Factory, Hulme, Manchester, 13 July 1979

Here are the notes from
Mr. A.L., who is doing the mastering:

And so we finally come to an end.

Out of nowhere came 1988's FAC213, released as the lead-in to
Substance. As Factory had little left in the vaults to release (that they knew of), they padded Atmosphere - the easy choice for the single - with lesser-known studio recordings and a then-unreleased live take on Transmission from The Factory, Hulme 13 July 1979.

To avoid excessive reduplication we decided to take an alternate path ourselves, the plan being an EP with live takes on all the Factory A-sides. And that is what we have for you.

Friends of the program have recently obtained complete copies of the 11 January 1980 Paradiso, Amsterdam gig *directly from Dutch radio* - in stellar, pristine, unbelievable uncirculated quality. We took a subset of this gig and chose to use it here. Subsequently professionally mastered to sound like a continuous performance, these tracks are the pinnacle of live Joy Division in terms of sonics: you won't find any better than this. These collective 5 tracks can be released tomorrow, just as we have them here, and sell millions.

And so as to not leave out the one unique track from the original 1988 FACD213 release, we close out the proceedings with Transmission from the 13 July 1979 Factory, Hulme, Manchester gig. A different mastering from the original 1988 CD, this is a cleanup of the source used to seed the 2007 Unknown Pleasures bonus disc (the entire 13 July 1979 gig). It is better than the 2007 release, and loads better than the 1997 Heart and Soul CD4 version as well.

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