Monday, April 26, 2010

Yes, YOU can be just like Gordon Gekko!


I remember watching the movie 'Wall Street' and was awestruck as Michael Douglas made important business deals on his cell phone. In those days, anyone who had a cell phone was surely a rich person. Now days, everyone has a cell phone and at least one or two junkers in the drawer.

Did you know that old cell phones have a great recycling value? They are chock full of the good stuff-gold, Lithium batteries and more. Plus, most of the time they can be resold and reused without having to scrap them.

Cell phone buyers are coming out of the woodwork and we've dealt with a few of them with good results. So here's an idea-how about organizing a cell phone fundraiser for your local school or church? Set up a recycling box and have folks drop their old cell phones, PDA's, GPS units, mp3 players and other small electronic devices into it. Run the drive for a month or so and ship the items to buyers (buyers usually pay shipping cost) and enjoy the profits. Some of our cell phone fundraisers have easily grossed $2,000 for a  month long event. Not bad money for very little effort on everyone's part.

Oh yeah- if you happen to get a classic phone like Michael Douglas used, sell it on ebay and help a Gordon Gekko wannabe!

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