Friday, April 30, 2010



Obviously I didn't get to see Bad Loo at Coachella. No Delphic or Cribs (Johnny Marr), either. The festival was otherwise wonderful - I never thought I'd get to see Public Image Limited live. Devo, Little Boots, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Aeroplane, and Gorillaz were other highlights for me.

I've got three DJ gigs in the next eight days - one of them in another state. Work on Recycle continues, however. Just to recap what's coming up:

- Atmosphere '88 reconceptualized as a live EP

- Substance documentaries produced by Radio 1 in 1988 covering both bands

- Substance live - recorded front-to-back in Irvine, September 1987

- "Factory Extras" discs covering non-album/single material 1980-1990

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