Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wait for it...


Hey gang,

Mastering of the Joy Division singles is moving right along. The audio for the first couple is finished, but I'm holding up the process because I haven't finished the artwork. I'll try and wrap up An Ideal For Living this week.

Since our good friend Mr. Analog Loyalist over at
The Power Of Independent Trucking is doing the audio, he'll be making some tandem posts of alternate and outtake material.

There'll be approximately 36 tracks appearing here, spread across eight singles (Love Will Tear Us Apart '95 is now being folded into the original single to cut down on the number of repeated songs). I estimate about 10 of the tracks have never before been released (or at least never widely heard...although I know for certain a few of them will be exclusive to this series).

Stay tuned!

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