Friday, December 4, 2009

Electric Cars - The Future is Now?


I continue to have mixed emotions about electric cars-hybrids are too expensive and conversions don't get the miles per watt I would need. My daily commute is 48 miles one way, so gas seems to be the safest bet since most 'affordable' electric car conversions struggle to make it to the 50 mile-per-charge mark. While I keep saving for my future electron powered cruiser, I occasionally find something like the video below that totally intrigues me. It showcases a 1972 Datsun (remember before Nissan?) coupe electric conversion. A plain jane ride with the exception of a trade of gas tank for batteries; gas engine for an electric motor; dash gauges replaced with volt and amp meters....

SO? This vintage hobby car is a destroyer at the drag strip. Corvettes, Porsches and nitrous boosted street racers are no match for this inconspicuous import. Check it out:

That's just neat. My interest in the electrics is renewed and of course I start thinking about how I could do this with, uh, yes, recycled batteries and motors (dream cloud)...and SHAZAM! I stumbled across this video:

Ok, I'm off to the junkyard to find the perfect ride for my electric conversion. Convertible Fiat? Covair? Maybe I'll keep it simple and find a nice '71 Ford Pinto. With the gas tank removed it should be safe.

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