Friday, November 20, 2009

That's a wrap!


20 singles

100 songs
9.5 hours of music

It's been both mine and Bruno's sincere pleasure to compile this virtual box set. There will be some additional materials for those of you who've been assembling the mini sleeves - a booklet and some packaging suggestions/instructions.

To date, Ceremony has logged the most downloads at just under 2000. London/Warners, are you listening? There is a market for a carefully curated box set.

We'll be taking a break for a few weeks, returning after the holidays to tackle 9 Joy Division singles:

1. An Ideal For Living
2. A Factory Sample
3. Transmission
4. Licht Und Blindheit (Dead Souls/Atmosphere)
5. Love Will Tear Us Apart
6. Komakino
7. She's Lost Control
8. Atmosphere (1988)
9. Love Will Tear Us Apart '95

Each of these will include bonus tracks, some of which have never been heard by a wide audience.

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