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Recycle 18: Round & Round


[Link removed 20 November 2012] (104 MB)

Round & Round
Factory Records Fac 263
Produced by New Order and Stephen Hague
February 1989


1. Round & Round (12" Version)
2. Best & Marsh
3. Vanishing Point (Instrumental 'Making Out' Mix)
4. Round & Round (Club/Ben Grosse Mix)
5. Round & Round (12" Remix)
6. Round & Round (Detroit Mix)
7. Round & Round (7" Version)
8. Best & Marsh (7" Edit)

1, 3, and 7 sourced from Factory UK CD single Facd 263
2 sourced from PolyGram Canada CD single 874 079-2
4 - 6 sourced from Factory UK 3" CD single Facd 263R
8 is an early fade of 2

Notes from the restorer:

Not too much to do here. For the most part, just a slight bit of EQ and volume adjustments on the UK CD singles, as well as fixing a couple of polarity issues.

The perfect blend of pop, dance, and rock, Round & Round shows the band at their best. The catchy melody and superb production is enough to allow me to forgive the heavy use of an orchestra hit in the track. I remember actually hearing this a lot on top 40 radio back in the day, which was quite rare for New Order.

According to Wikipedia, the song was inspired by their deteriorating relationship with Factory owner Tony Wilson. Drama begets pop music.

I don't really have much to add to this one. It's not one of my favorite singles, although I think the extended 12" version with the long lead-in is far superior to the version on
Technique. I'm all about Best & Marsh (composed by request for the UK sports program of the same name) and the instrumental mix of Vanishing Point used as the theme to Making Out, a BBC dramedy that aired from 1989-1991.

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