Friday, October 23, 2009



I'm getting some comments lately asking why I'm not making FLAC sets available and generally disparaging the AAC format. Most of them have a tone of entitlement I find annoying.

If you'd take the time to read back through this blog you'll see the reason I'm not posting FLAC sets is because I have some hope the record label will take up this project and actually manufacture it. Posting FLAC sets would defeat that purpose.

With the time and attention to detail we've taken to make Recycle happen, there's a thought process behind every step/decision. If you have some prejudice against iTunes, that's your own issue - not mine. There are plenty of other programs that will play AAC just fine, and the AAC format sounds better than MP3.

This is a project by the fans, for the fans - not for the hoarders who just want free music.

Any further comments asking for FLACs or generally insulting the format will not be published.

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