Wednesday, October 7, 2009



True Faith has been fixed and re-uploaded. I decided not to delete the original entry to preserve the comments, so please scroll down a couple of entries and happy listening. :)

The changes are as follows:

1. True Faith (now transfered from vinyl to avoid the glitch inherent on all digital sources like
2. 1963 (also transfered from vinyl for consistent sound)
3. Evil Dust (no change)
4. Paradise remix (still taken from
Retro, but with the clipping fixed and a little dynamic range trickery)
5. True Faith remix (no change)
6. True Dub (glitches fixed)
7. True Faith UK 7" (new transfer from vinyl instead of a re-edit)
8. True Faith Morning Sun edit (no change)

The transfer of Paradise was done by our good friend over at The Power Of Independent Trucking, and while it's not possible to put missing dynamics/audio/data into a sound file if it was never there, he was able to massage it a little and get it sounding better than just a straight rip from
Retro (which fell victim to the loudness war).

NOTE: the corrected file name should be "" - I've verified that the complete contents will open properly.

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