Thursday, September 10, 2009



• If you downloaded Bizarre Love Triangle before noon PST, Wednesday, September 9th, please trash those files, scroll down, and download it again. The files I posted were not properly mastered and have been fixed. In addition, the Canadian 7" edit has been redone/re-EQed and sounds significantly better.

• Of the 20 singles in Recycle, only one - Procession - had a slipcase design that opened on the top like the original 7" single, instead of on the side like a 12" single. This bugged me. I have redesigned it so that all 20 singles will be consistent. To download it, click on "all sizes", then click on "original" to get the full resolution image.

• Since Ceremony came in two different 12" configurations with any number of A-side/B-side combinations, I've designed an alternate slipcase, jewel case insert, and CD label, so you can choose between the green sleeve or the blue and white one.

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