Tuesday, August 4, 2009



We've now reached the halfway point. While the singles for Shellshock and State Of The Nation are already finished, I'll wait a few days before posting them and moving on. Currently my friend the audio restoration guru and I are in the middle of Bizarre Love Triangle, with a couple of later singles like True Faith and Run 2 already finished. Patience.

By now some folks are probably asking "what about this and that edit?" The focus here is only those tracks that appeared on the Factory/UK releases, with the occasional odd duck. No one wants to listen to 15 different edits of the same song (something I'll touch on if and when I tackle the post-Factory singles). I mean, I'm a collector, but it's not my job to complete your collection for you. Do what I did - log on to eBay, GEMM, or visit your local record shop. :)

Once the remaining ten singles are done there'll be some more surprises to wrap up New Order's Factory years. Remember that rarities box set you wished Retro was going to be? Yeah.

Then it's on to tackling Joy Division's singles.

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