Sunday, August 23, 2009

Anyone want a BLT?


So, Bizarre Love Triangle. Who'd have thought this would be the single that sidelined us temporarily?

There are three hurdles here. While a US CD single was released in the mid-90's containing all the mixes, it appears to be an early victim of the loudness war. The volume of the disc isn't maxed out, but the dynamics within each track are crushed. My friend who is doing the audio restoration had intended to source Bizarre Dub Triangle (a.k.a. I Don't Care) from this disc, but it wouldn't have sounded right alongside the other tracks. He doesn't own a physical copy of the 12" single, so off to Toronto my copy goes. I mailed it a few days ago but it could take up to two weeks to reach him.

We'd also planned to include the unique Canadian 7" mix, but discovered that (just like The Perfect Kiss) one version was issued commercially, then withdrawn, then a second version was released in its place. Neither of us has a physical copy of that second (unique) mix, so a friend in England is sending his over. Again, it could take a couple of weeks to reach Toronto.

Finally, the artwork, which is a photo of treated metal that has some distinct markings running from front to back, is taking a little longer than expected. Scanning the sleeve was no problem but piecing it together to make a nice, seamless image for the slipcase requires some photoshop trickery to fill in the 1/8" inch gap where the image wraps around the spine of the single. I've made a couple of attempts already but they weren't up to my (admittedly unforgiving) standards. I'll continue working on it while waiting for the audio to be finished.

Once Bizarre Love Triangle has been posted, there are seven singles left:

True Faith (already done)
Touched By The Hand Of God
Blue Monday '88
Fine Time (already done)
Round & Round
Run 2 (already done)
World In Motion

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