Friday, March 6, 2009

Computer UPS recycling idea


Since we are an electronics recycler, I am always trying to think of things that can be done with old electronic junk, like this UPS power supply. So what's inside? A couple of Gel Cell lead acid batteries; a big power transformer; a large circuit board and some miscellaneous wiring. If you wanted to scrap it, there are a few dollars worth of stuff inside.

Or you can fix them...... most of the time it is dead batteries. Sometimes the main circuit board is toast or a fuse is blown.

So here is my idea. Start with a unit that can be fixed easily (replace fuse, etc.). Connect several of these units together so they can supply enough power to run some appliances in your house. Use a wind generator and/or solar panels to keep their internal batteries charged.

The end result it a new life for something that would otherwise be tossed in a landfill plus it could greatly reduce your electric bill. Most importantly, this could come at a very low cost.

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