Friday, January 20, 2012

My Recycled Christmas Cards

Recycled Christmas Card House

Made these with my daughter and her best friend using the Recycling Christmas Cards e-book and templates I purchased the other day. Since the kids were only 5 we stayed with the simple projects. The gift tag with the fish on it actually came from the same card as the polar bear book mark. So even using only Christmas Cards I am able to make items that could be used for other holidays as well. The house is surprisingly sturdy. We made a second house with some kids and a puppy peaking into an old toy store window, but the batteries on my camera died so I can't show it today. I'll have a whole card village on my mantle next year. The templates are easy to use and make the projects work up very fast. The projects in the e-book can be used to recycle any type of holiday or greeting card for any season. I think I need to get one of these Card Keepers to store the cards in. Hey, my mom just stopped over with all her Christmas Cards! This is very addicting to do. I think next year I'll have my friends over for a card recycling party just after Christmas.

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